Greenfingers Garden Services are outdoor fish pond experts; our service comprises a complete fish pond design service and installation.

This can be from several sorts of materials available i.e. preformed fish ponds, fibreglass ponds and plastic fish ponds, likewise we are pond build specialist and will construct a fish pond to any shape and size that you require using 1.2mm butyl rubber liners with appropriate underlay’s.

This is also the same as our pump and filtration systems that we install, we will only use the best on the market.

Greenfingers Garden Services – Pond Construction

We also offer a pond cleaning service, either on a regular, twice yearly basis to maintain the biological structure of your pond and thereby aiding the health of your fish, or as a one off visit to clean pond liner and refill pond to bring your pond back to its former glory, this also includes pond pump and filtration system cleaning and servicing.

The home of true gardening and good old fashion service. Small enough to care large enough to cope.

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